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Teach In 360

Can you imagine learning about Lexington and Concord at the battle sites in Massachusetts?

The next day, you can learn about the importance of the Selma, Alabama, marches while standing on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
Then the third day, stand at the base of the Space Needle while learning about the city of Seattle.

Even if a student had the financial means to travel to all of these places, there would not be enough time to tour and learn at all of the locations required for a grade level.
This is where Teach In 360 steps in to help.

Is there a need for 360?

Teachers want creative tools to help in the classroom administrators don’t want to spend money.

Teachers are hungry for tools that enhance their efforts of reaching students and contribute to making the experience memorable.
They would be excited to have a creative tool they could use to show their students the places they are talking about in class.

Teachers realize that their students are not as likely to have the opportunity to visit many of the historical sites they are learning about in class...until now.


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About us

Teach in 360 is creating educational material that is creative and captivating through the use of 360 videos of the actual historical places covered by state boards of education requirements. All of the content will be designed specifically for Teach in 360 but vetted and reviewed by professionals in the educational industry.